Burning Man Live Web Cams At Burning Man 2012

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LeisureLink, Inc. Marketing Hotels, Motels & Vacation Rentals Through Online Booking Engines

Tweet 2010 California Lodging Expo — Marketing Hotels, Motels & Vacation Rentals Through Online Booking Engines Get all your hotel, motel, and vacation rentals on all the online booking engines. Success rests on: -Placement -Merchandising -Pricing The definition of success is the “look to book” ratio. 2010 CLE – Marketing Hotels & Vacation Rentals Thru […]

Marketing Vacation Rentals Thru The Travelocity Online Booking Engine

Tweet 2010 California Lodging Expo — Marketing Hotels, Motels & Vacation Rentals Through The Travelocity Online Booking Engine Sylvia Weiler, Media Sales Director with the Online Booking Engine Travelocity talks about the benefits of using onling booking engines to market hotels, motels, and vacation rentals. 2010 CLE — Marketing Hotels Thru The Travelocity Online Booking […]

Top 17 HR Mistakes Hotel, Motel, Vacation Rentals & Lodging Owners Make

Tweet From items kept in an employee’s personal file to providing appropriate meal breaks – there are so many things Human Resources has to remember, it’s not surprising a number of them fall through the cracks. Learn from Allison Davis-Brown of Marin Management what 17 mistakes HR departments are most apt to make, and how […]

Avoiding Lodging Lawsuits – 10 Misconceptions Of The Americans With Disabilities Act ADA

Tweet Avoiding Lodging Lawsuits — 10 Misconceptions Of The ADA Americans With Disabilities Act; With A Focus On Lodging, Hotels, & Motels. Mark Wood, CBO, CASp Mark is co-owner and principle with California Certified Accessibility Specialists. Mark is certified by the International Conference of Building Officials as a Building Official, Mechanical Inspector, Plumbing Inspector, Electrical […]

2010 California Lodging Expo – Susan Barry Hive Marketing on Lodging Social Media Optimization

Tweet 2010 California Lodging Expo — Susan Barry Of Hive Marketing On Social Media Marketing “Under the Radar: How Ignoring Online Can Undermine Your Business” Independent Professionals and Small Business Owners Hive Marketing is a consulting firm that specializes in helping small businesses make more money through unique promotional strategies and tactics. Using everything from […]

2010 California Lodging Expo – Gala Dinner And Awards Ceremony All Of Day One

Tweet “It’s a whole new game.” California Lodging Industry Association Annual Gala Dinner, Awards Ceremony, and Wine Reception Crowne Plaza Hotel Concord, CA December 7, 2010 2010 California Lodging Expo and Conference – CLIA Day 1 Pt1 2010 California Lodging Expo John Manderfield Introducing Howard Mathews – CLIA Day 1 Pt 2 2010 California Lodging […]

Burning Man 2012 Festival

Tweet A one-of-a-kind summer art event, Burning Man is held each year at the end of August in the Black Rock Desert, just outside of Gerlach, Nevada. For one week, revelers celebrate art and community in a myriad of ways. Black Rock City is erected each year on an ancient lake bed, known as the […]

Vessel Sanitation Program – Prevent Norovirus Outbreaks

Tweet A division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and operating under the authority of the Public Health Service Act, the Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP) assists the cruise ship industry in preventing and controlling the introduction, transmission, and spread of various gastrointestinal illnesses* due to contaminated food or water. On their website, […]

What should you carry in your purse?

Tweet I went through a whole semester abroad, traveling to 8 different countries with no money belt and and an over-sized purse. More important that how you carry around your valuables is luck and vigilance. While it’s probably most secure to use a money belt, I think it’s fine to carry a purse that has […]

Sintra Portugal – Stop In For A Bit!

Tweet Sintra, Portugal was suggested to us by the wonderful staff at Traveller’s Inn in Lisbon. We decided to take a day trip there once we found out all about it! It’s very easy and quick to get there. The train costs about 5 euros and the trip takes about 40 minutes. Once you get […]

Couch Surfing – Travel For FREE!

Tweet If you want something even cheaper than hostels and much more personal, than you may want to check out the website For a low price, or sometimes free you can sleep on someone’s couch (hence the name), in their guest room, on the floor, whatever. People like this because it’s a lot more […]

Tipping in Europe

Tweet Europe doesn’t tip as much as the United States does. I think this is a good thing, but here are some tips to make you feel better. The standard tipping for restaurants is 5-10%, but many places include a service fee. It usually says on the check, but you can always ask if you […]

Scams In Europe – Don’t Let A Pickpocket Get Ya

Tweet While Europe is on average a safer place than the United States, there are some specialty tricks thief’s will use to get your attention and your money. As long as you know them ahead of time you will be prepared and feel safe. The first one is a game street vendors will play with […]

How To Find Your Table In Europe

Tweet This is always the awkward part…you get to a restaurant and you aren’t sure if you should seat yourself or sit anywhere. In Belgium, Spain, and France you usually sit yourself. Places like Ireland, Italy and Portugal they normally sit you. Other places, I’m not entirely sure, but look what others are doing or […]

Cell Phones In Europe

Tweet This advice is mainly for study abroad students who will be staying in a country for a couple months up to a year. *For those going on a short vacation I would bring your regular cell phone to Europe and only use it for emergencies. Make sure to tell everyone not to call you […]

Time Zones in Europe

Tweet It is actually very important to know what time zone you are in and what time zone you are traveling to. You may think you have a 3 hour flight, but it is really four because you fly through a different Time Zone in Europe. This has happened to my friends and I more […]

Brussels Train Stations

Tweet For whatever reason, Brussels has numerous train stations which can be a bit of a hassle to normal people. I’ve been to all three for various reasons so I have some pros/cons for each Brussels train station. The three most popular are Gare du Midi (South) Gard du Nord (North) Gare Central (Central) The […]

Delirium Brussels Bar

Tweet The definition of delirium is the decline in attention-focus, perception, and cognition. This is why Delirium Brussels is the best name for the biggest bar in Brussels. People may or may not know about the extensive collection of Belgian beers. If you are traveling to Brussels, you absolutely must stop at Delirium Brussels. You […]

Safety in Europe

Tweet While I don’t think Europe is any different in terms of security than the US, it is important to know what to do in case something happens. What is the equivalent to 911 in the United States? The emergency number is 112 is used in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, […]

Barcelona Las Ramblas

Tweet A trip to Barcelona is not complete without a walk down Barcelona Las Ramblas. Barcelona Las Ramblas is about 1.2 kilomotres long. It is basically a giant walkway just for pedestrians with two very small lanes on each side. Barcelona Las Ramblas is filled with many exciting things including souvenirs, artists, performers,musicians, and lots […]

Best Times to Travel in Europe

Tweet Obviously the most important times of the year to travel are the summer months (June-August), but these might not be the best times to travel. First of all, it’s hot! If you have ever been in the Roman metro in the middle of the day in 90 degree weather you know why this is […]

Hostels in Europe – Cheap Youth Hostels

Tweet If your image of hostels is that they are dirty, loud, and uncomfortable, than you have not been to a good hostel recently. Hostels are the accommodation for young people. Where else can you sleep for as little as 8 euro? The average cost of a euro is about 20-30 euro. Some euros come […]

Paris On A Budget

Tweet You can spend years living in Paris and never see anything because there’s just so much to do, but that also means you can spend a lot of money. My friends and I went to Paris for three days and spent 250 euros on transportation, food, lodging, attractions, and gifts. I’m here to help […]

Neuschwanstein Castle From Sleeping Beauty

Tweet The Neuschwanstein Castle is probably the most famous castle in the world. The Neuschwanstein Castle is the castle they based the Sleeping Beauty Castle on in Disneyland. Nestled in the Bavarian countryside, this beautiful castle sits between high mountains and clear blue lakes. It takes about 2 hours by train to get to the […]

Budget Airlines in Europe

Tweet You may have already seen my post about RyanAir, the most popular budget airline in Europe, but there are a few more key websites and key airlines you should be aware of. My favorite budget airline in Europe is EasyJet. Although the number of cities is limited, it offers a wider range of flights […]

Ryanair – The Airline For Cheap Flights

Tweet Ryanair has recently made headlines when it has stated it would like to charge people to use the toilets on their airplane. If you have ever been on a Ryanair flight you know this is just a small step up from selling cosmetics, bus tickets, and snacks on their plane rides. If you are […]

Belgian Beers – Have You Tried One?

Tweet Before I came to Brussels I hated beer. People told me I just needed to taste the right kind or get used to it, but then I went to Brussels and everything changed. Belgian beer is delicious. Belgian beer is diverse. There are over 100 kinds of Belgian beers. Lambic beer has been fermented […]

Bars in Brussels – Don’t Miss These!

Tweet Drink The Grand Place of Brussels has many unique restaurants and bars surrounding it. One such bar is ‘Cercueil’ which is the French word for Coffin. It is located on Rue harengs 10 which is a little side street off the Grand Place. If you are staring at the City Hall (Hotel d’ville) than […]

Brussels Things To Do

Tweet There are many fun things to do in Brussels. One of the nicest things to do in Brussels is have a picnic in a park. Parc Cinquantenaire Brussels has many green spaces where you will often find teens and adults alike hanging out after school or work. My favorite park is Parc Cinquantenaire. The […]